SMARTEX is a congregation of smart minds & products curated as a Symposium & Expo, focusing on smart design, emerging technologies and innovation in the field of architecture & interior design.
An initiative by Building Material Reporter (BMR) alongside industry experts as curators, the Symposium has an interactive and engaging format to bring people together in a formal as well as informal way that becomes the driving force for innovative works in the country’s architectural setup.
Under the Smart Design Expo, products are demonstrated in an intellectually charged setting for eminent professionals and stakeholders to experience new technologies and discuss about innovation and future of design.
With a unique theme and agenda concentrating on smart innovation, all aspects of innovative works in the realm of architecture, interior design, decor, landscape design and building construction converge into a single large goal to create smarter living for generations to come.
The idea is to create a platform where professionals from distinguished but associated fields – architects, interiors designers, builders, real estate developers, structural engineers, technical consultants and product manufacturers – come together in an industry rendezvous that advocates smart design and innovation for shaping the future of India.

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Prof. Charanjit S Shah

It’s a kind of forum that has brought together the three important indices on one platform – customers, designers, and manufacturers. In short, forum like this helps us study the behaviour and psyche of the industry along with that of consumers and designers. So, this is like a byproduct where the cycle finishes, and we get engulfed with each other for a better architecture of tomorrow.


Prof. Manoj Mathur

This conference was very much timely and very topical. I was impressed with the way manufacturers were touching upon the topics like minimal energy, sustainability, minimum footprint both – in terms of carbon and space, which obviously has the right signals for the younger generations. If media is so strongly putting such a kind of impression and thrust towards being responsible and sustainable, then I would say we should have many more Smartex.


Ar. Shruti Dimri

I am glad to see the plethora of issues that have been discussed over here during the two very engaging days. I wish them luck and look forward to see it evolving as a space discussing smart architectural solutions and smart designs.


Ar. Vivek Gupta

It’s being with fraternity and friends and allows me to discuss and exchange new ideas. The important part is about the participating vendors who helped us to learn about the new products and technologies that they are coming up with. Architect, at the end of the day is just a space planner without the vocabulary that we get through the vendors we would not be able to do what we do.


Ar. Shweta Kaw

I know the organisers since some time and I have seen them grow. I was amazed with the kind of show that they have put up for two days, the kind of architects that they brought on to this forum. The topics that they have chosen like – parametricism and AI – are very enlightening for me as well. I am taking away a lot of knowledge from here. So, I am very happy.


Ar. Sushant Verma

It was a wonderful experience full of interesting talks and good panel discussions. The content was well-curated. More importantly, the kind of topics that have been touched upon are not very widely discussed in our fraternity, especially in India. The event has been quite interesting in terms of its theme. We are talking on smart design and smart technology which is very much required to be talked about as a discourse.


Ar. Priyank P Mehra

It’s a much needed platform to make everybody aware of which technologies are relevant to the world today and in future. We definitely need a lot more information on smart designs and architecture and Smartex is doing the right job.


Ar. Harish Jain

It’s very humbling opportunity for me to present on a topic about which many other from the fraternity know better than me. Also, it’s a nice experience to come and meet other fellow architects and designers, learn about their thoughts, and exchange ideas.


Ar. Ashish Vaishnava

It’s a great initiative especially after pandemic. It allowed us getting to meet the fraternity, fellow architects and designers. It’s a great platform to exchange ideas, discussing about new projects, new materials, and knowing about how fellow architects are using artificial intelligence in the field of architecture & design.


Ar. Amritadas Gupta

It’s really great. I loved the topics, very thought provoking and unusual. Although, a little bit uncomfortable which, of course, is acceptable because it really gets you talking. I am looking forward to it and have lot of hopes for the future generation with such kind of platform.


Ar. Abhishek Bij

This is the first attempt at putting this kind of a conference, but definitely, it’s a great endeavour. The topics are interesting. The format is quite different from several other architectural conferences that are happening in the city. I wish them all the best.

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