SMARTEX is a congregation of smart minds & products curated as a Symposium & Expo, focusing on smart design, emerging technologies and innovation in the field of architecture & interior design.

An initiative by Building Material Reporter (BMR) alongside industry experts as curators, the Symposium has an interactive and engaging format to bring people together in a formal as well as informal way that becomes the driving force for innovative works in the country’s architectural setup.

Under the Smart Design Expo, products are demonstrated in an intellectually charged setting for eminent professionals and stakeholders to experience new technologies and discuss about innovation and future of design.

With a unique theme and agenda concentrating on smart innovation, all aspects of innovative works in the realm of architecture, interior design, decor, landscape design and building construction converge into a single large goal to create smarter living for generations to come.

The idea is to create a platform where professionals from distinguished but associated fields – architects, interiors designers, builders, real estate developers, structural engineers, technical consultants and product manufacturers – come together in an industry rendezvous that advocates smart design and innovation for shaping the future of India.